Love Match Test

Wondering if you and your love interest would make a successful love match? It's time to find out and weigh all of the things that make up a successful match.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Meant to Be
You two have so much in common, it would be easy as pie to get along. And more to it, you have enough differences to bring something new to the table. Keeps things interesting, and pushes both of you to learn new things. You're both very much in touch with each other, you share the same values and you'd easily meet each other's needs. It's meant to be!

Going to Make It Work
So, you're not the most ideal couple in the world, but you're also not to be scoffed at. If anything, you'd have a bumpy start, just trying to figure it all out together, find your groove, but once you did. . . it would get SO MUCH BETTER. So, with a little patience, a little communication and understanding, you can eventually have a great relationship!

Not the Best Match
You two would not be the best match. In fact, consider this love test match a fail. You're both so different, it would be a struggle to see eye-to-eye on a daily basis. About everything. That being said, there are still worst matches out there. If you want to gamble, go ahead, date this person, but don't be surprised if it doesn't go well.

Star-Crossed Beyond Belief
You two are really, really, really not meant to be! It's so star-crossed, it hurts. And it's because you are so different. Both of you have completely different views and motives, different needs and requirements. A relationship with you two wouldn't last much more than 3 months, at best, and would be the worst three months of your entire life.