Am I Handsome?

Though your family and friends may tell you that you are handsome, they may be just saying it because they like you. This quiz is an impartial opinion of your looks.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

not at all handsome
You are not handsome because any good looks you have are ruined because of your attitude and personality. Have you ever heard, 'Pretty is as pretty does? ' It applies to handsomeness too. Try treating people with kindness, and you will seem pretty no matter what you look like.

on your way to handsomeness
You are on the road to handsome town, but you have a little bit farther to go. Just work on your style of dress and maximize your personal hygiene and that ought to be enough to turn your firmly in the direction of handsomeness.

more interesting-looking than handsome
Your features are rather unique so you can't really uphold the ideals of a traditionally handsome label. However, that doesn't mean you are not good-looking. It just means you are too interesting to fit into such a narrow category.

Well, it's official now. Your loved ones weren't just stroking your ego when they said you were handsome! However, don't let your newly confirmed good looks go to your head. The best way to be attractive is to be kind.

above-average handsome
You have some sexy physical traits that make you more handsome than the average person. So, now you can believe your family and friends when they tell you that you are good-looking! Celebrate your handsomeness by giving a sincere compliment to another beautiful person in your life.

extremely handsome
You go beyond handsome. . . You are the physical ideal! You have nice skin, distinctive and strong facial features, beautiful hair, and a killer sense of style to top it all off! best of all, you aren't arrogant so no nasty attitude detracts from your good looks.