What Decade Do I Belong In?

Which decade should you go back to? There's probably a decade you feel most in tune with. Take the quiz to see if that's really the decade you belong in!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You belong in an era that went from Doowop to psychedelic. Some say it was a simpler time but was it really? A lot went on! And not just politically. Fashion, attitudes, morality, and music went topsy-turvy in the middle of the decade. It was an exciting time and that's where you belong. Groovy.

Up your nose with a rubber hose! Or not. Who knew what that meant anyway? Travolta was cute so no one cared. The 70s were an interesting decade that eased from earth centric fashion to the beginning of disco. Food was either plain or weird - but we didn't know it. Some of it was much better than it is now, actually.

In the 1980s everything looked nice, smelled good, and music was mostly upbeat. Even Robert Smith wasn't full on goth and 'heavy metal' wasn't really as sinister as people thought it was. The 80s weren't perfect, but they tried to be.

The 90s were a fashion mashup between the previous three decades. Oh, and khaki. The 90s were khaki. But they were great. Good movies, good music, social change, and more. Movies started to hit the nail on the head a bit more and independent movies started getting some traction.

You would love to go back in time but there are some things about the modern world you would miss too much. But, you can go back as far as B-A-N-A-N-A-S and still have a good time. You could also prestrategize your social media game and get your own startup set up!

Well you just can't tear yourself away from modern convenience. Looks like you'll have to stay here in the 2010s. Maybe since you're not too busy being nostalgic for yesteryear you can bring us all into a better future. Get started!