Celtic Zodiac Signs

Maybe you were born too early, or too late. What you do know is that your personality might not match you Celtic Zodiac sign. Take this online quiz to find your real Celtic Zodiac sign.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Green Dragon
You are a Green Dragon, people under this sign are known for being very philosophical. You are very ambitious and usually find that you think differently than those around you. You usually stand out from the crowd and are very unique. Because of this you usually prefer to be by yourself and can have a hard time getting through to others.

You are a Seal, people immediately see you as being incredibly imaginative. Even though your imagination runs wild, you are still grounded in reality. Seals tend to have jobs in the creative fields, like art or poetry. You are very spiritual and in-tune with nature.

You are an Owl, not only having a sharp mind but a natural ability to easily clear hurdles that are thrown your way. Owls are able to adjust and be flexible in most situations. It can be difficult for others to follow along your quick and changing thoughts.

You are an Otter, naturally caring and warm. You are a champion for the little guy, or those who can't stand up for themselves. Always ready to help those in need and providing comfort when those around you need it most. Your naturally calm demeanor allows you to handle problems in a composed way.

You are a Swan, always on the move and staying active. Your unbridled enthusiasm allows you to do things faster than those around you. The Swans high energy level though does cause you to often miss the good around you, with your inability to stop and smell the roses.

Black Horse
You are a Black Horse, people under this sign are easily identified by not only their intelligence but also living a life on the edge. Black Horses are usually extroverts and are there when other people need them. With their inability to filter their thoughts about other, their frankness tends to offend those around them.