What Planet Am I?

A fun quiz that will ask a series of questions that will show you what planet you are. Answer these questions and you will get a chance to see what your inner planet might be.

Tags: Planet, Stars, Astrology, Solar-System, Galaxy

Here are all the results with descriptions

Just like Jupiter you are a very big person, you come from a family of giants so you being big is nothing new to you. But to people that come in contact with you they are always impressed by your size.

You like to be seen, you like to be noticed by others. If you are in a crowd of people you are the one that wants most of the attention on you. You are similar to Saturn with it's rings. Saturn stands out from all of the other planets because of them.

You are a mystery to most of your family and friends. While others like to go out and hang out together, you would rather stay in and learn something new. People don't know much about you so they are intrigued by you. Just like people are intrigued by Mars.

You are a well rounded individual. You can do a little bit of everything. In this regard you are just like Earth. Earth may not be a giant like some other planets in the solar system but the conditions on Earth are ideal for life.

You feel like no one pays you any attention, you feel as if you have been left out or no one seems to care if you are around or not. For this you are like Pluto. Pluto was once a planet but now people have seemed to have forgotten all about it.

You do not really like your name. Your name is a little odd so growing up kids would make fun of it all the time. Your name was the blunt of a lot of jokes. You are like Uranus, most people mispronounce Uranus making it the blunt of many jokes.