What Fairy Tail Character Am I?

Everyone dreams of a fairytale ending. They want the white horse, or the white picket fence, or the white knight. Regardless of where your daydreams fall on that spectrum, this quiz can help determine which happy is ending is actually most likely to happen to you.

Tags: Personality, Fairytale, Fantasy, Magical, Story, Character

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Princess
You are the center of attention. You're the focus of the whole plot. You were meant to be in the spotlight. While hard times may fall on you for a while, you will see yourself through them and relish in the happy ending that is destined to be your's.

The White Knight
Regardless of gender, you are the savior. You're the hero in your life. You come to the rescue of others on a pretty routine basis. You thrive on being able to help those in need and save them from harm.

The Best Friend
You're the sidekick ever main character needs. While you aren't the center of attention, that's okay with you. You understand the importance of being the supporting actress, the bestie, the leading man or woman's leading man or woman. You're in their back pocket, making sure they're at their best. They couldn't do it without you.

The Prince
You're gallant and charming. Your charisma can be seen from miles away. You've probably got a few obscure talents up your sleeve, such as jousting or fencing. You love the thrill of the game and have always tested your limits. Most of all, you look forward to the happy ending you get to share with your princess.

The Fairy Godmother
What's better than being the sidekick best friend? Being the fairy godmother, of course. You're no white knight. Instead of inborn skills that lead you on heroic paths, you are full of magic and grace. You're truly a blessing to those who are fortunate enough to know you and benefit from your problem solving skills.

The Evil Stepmother
Unfortunately, someone has to be the bad apple. It looks like it's you. You have a bit of a selfish streak and tend to learn your lessons the hard way. You seem to live by a set of double standards that others just aren't willing to tolerate. On the upside, you have a little bit of power, for now anyway.