What Type Of Learner Are You?

Have you ever wondered what type of learner you are? Take this quiz and you can find out what type of teaching best suits your personal needs and personality!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You learn best when information is either heard or spoken. This means lectures or discussions are best for you. Further audio recordings can really help you learn and understand topics better as well.

Reading/Writing Preference
You prefer to learn through the use of words. You love to read and do assignments that center around writing such as book reports. Charts and diagrams may get the best of you, but if they are described through written words you usually will catch on!

You learn best through charts, maps, graphs and the like. Certain types of images are the best way to reach through to you and to help you learn, specifically ones that show patterns and shapes instead of written or spoken words.

You learn the best when the experience is tactile or when you can do a physical activity and apply new information. Being able to touch or physically see something and work with it hands-on is best for you!

You are a chameleon and can basically adapt to any of the four learning styles. You have a mind that works with all learning types. This is brilliant when it comes to learning new information in a new situation.

Unique Learner
You march to the beat of your own drum. You don't fit into any of the four types of learner categories. Your unique view on life may make it more difficult to learn in some situations, but it also gives you a unique perspective on the world!