Dance Quiz

Do you know a lot about dance? Not just about your sweet moves but about ALL dance? Find out how much you do know and what you don't by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Aren't much of a dancer
That is unless, of course, your own style is the flyest dancing known to man and you just have never learned anything specific about dance history. If so, then dance on! But then, you can learn more sweet moves by finding out more about dance!

Are a swayer
You don't know much about dance. You're probably one of those people that says they can't dance. You sway pretty good, though. You probably CAN dance but you just haven't had enough exposure to all of the dance styles. Looks like you have some internet videos to watch!

Are a bopper
You know a fair bit about dance. You're not a graduate of Juilliard or a disco diva, but you dance as well as most people and you know about as much as the average person too. Still, there's more that you could learn about dance - and you might find it interesting!

A dancer
You know a lot about dance! More than most people, that's for sure. While you're not quite an expert, you would be soon enough if you learned just a little bit more. You're just a few bourees from being a renowned expert on the art of dance!

Prima Ballerina or Ballerino
You are a true expert on the art of dance! Do you dance as well as you know dance? If you do, then you should really contact Hollywood and ask them to make another musical. Because you could be the star. Or at least choreograph it. Fosse Fosse Fosse!