Angel Names For Girls

Find out what your heavenly name would be if you were an angel and what lovely things about you make you so angelic. Take this quiz and discover your angel name.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your angel name is Parisa. You are a traveling angel. You fly all over the world and help guide those making journeys. You've been to Paris, Persia, and everywhere in between. You love the world and often return to earth.

Your name translates to 'lion of god'. You are just as fierce as a lion. You use your strength and power for the things you believe in. You are also associated with water and look after many oceans, streams, and lakes.

You are very artistic. Your angel name has been featured in plays and poetry alike and you use this as a sign to encourage artistry and creatovity worldwide. You love all things beautiful and creative.

Your angel name is Evangeline or as some may call you, Eva. You are known as the good angel as well as a messenger. You seek to spread kindness and encouragement wherever you go. You are a very hopeful being.

Your angel name is Laila. You are known for overseeing fertility and childbirth. You adore children and families and are very close to your own (otherwise you seek to build a family you adore). You are very loving.

Your angel name is Dina. You are the angel of learning and wisdom. You are very intelligent and love riddles. You seek to guide those who also crave learning and scholarly pursuits in their quest for knowledge.