Nord Name Generator

Do you love fantasy worlds? Well take this quiz and enter into the fantastical magical world by claiming your Nord name. Remember to have fun and be honest and you may be surprised at how fitting your Nord name is.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Erald the Cautious
You are not a brave man, but you are a wise one. You know what your place is and where your strengths lie and that's in magical fighting rather than physical fighting. Keep up the studying and working towards perfecting your craft and you'll be powerful very soon.

Mojan the Unbroken
You have dealt with a great deal of heartbreak throughout your lifetime, but that doesn't stop you from being the hero that you are. You are actually stronger because of the things you've gone through. So keep trudging on because it is worth it!

Harar the Unwavering
You are brave beyond what is normal. You travel near and far defeating all enemies that come into your path. No matter how many attack, you are ready to strike against them. That is why everyone in the world respects you even if they are on opposite sides.

Mete Fair-Fang
There is no one who is more just and kind than you. You are always looking for companions and people you can help. That is why people come to you for support and advise and when you need anything everyone is there for you as well.

Sillen Strong
You are massively strong both physically and in will. I would not want to be against you if I were your competitor. Others literally tremble in your wake. Also, when it comes to weaponry, no one is more skilled.

Hella the Willful
You are very strong willed. This is why you go about your way very independently. You want to succeed, but you know that if you work hard enough you can succeed on your own. Keep pushing through, as you always do and you will be more successful than you can imagine.