Art Style Quiz

Art can be categorized into various styles. It's not all about era. There are impressionists in our own day and age. How much do you know about what makes up the styles of art? Find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Don't know much about art styles
You know very little about the various styles of art. You're missing out! Even if you think you don't like art enough to look into it, you might be surprised when you find that you DO like some style of art that just isn't well known by the masses.

Know a little about art styles
You have an idea of the various periods of art and the styles that came out of them. You're a little rough on the details and what makes a particular style that style. Or, you know a very few styles well, but not all of the styles out there.

Know art styles
You know of the various art styles on a working knowledge level. That is to say, that you know more than the average person and can maintain a conversation about a style of art, and you might know the key players, but you aren't an expert.

Are an art styles expert
Congratulations! You definitely know a LOT about the various periods and styles of art. You could almost be a museum curator or run an art gallery. Perhaps you do? You certainly know enough to write a great coffee table book about art!