Space Quiz

There's a great big solar system out there, that much you do know. However, do you know everything there is to know about space? Find out by taking this quiz!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing About Space
We're sorry to have to relay the bad news to you, but you didn't get a single answer on this space quiz correct. There wasn't even one close guess in here, which is kind of disappointing because some of these were pretty easy. Better luck next time.

Very Little About Space
There isn't a whole lot that you know about space judging by this quiz. You got a couple of the questions right, but for the most part, you were way off. It's probably time for you to get back to the books and brush up on your knowledge.

An Average Amount About Space
When it comes to your knowledge about space, you're about average. You got about half of the questions correct, but that means that you missed the other half. There's plenty of information on the topic online. Go ahead and check it out!

A Lot About Space
You must be someone that really enjoys learning about space because you got a whole bunch of these questions correct. In fact, there's only one or two that you missed. You could probably take it again and get to the top of this list without a problem.

Everything About Space
You are a space ace! You got every single one of these questions correct, and some of them were pretty difficult so you should be proud of yourself. If any of your friends ever challenge you to questions about the solar system, you are guaranteed to win!