Industrial Revolution Quiz

A short fun educational quiz that will let you know just how much you know on the subject of the industrial revolution. This quiz will show if you paid attention in school or not.

Tags: World, History, Trivia, Past, Knowledge

Here are all the results with descriptions

No knowledge
You obviously did not pay attention to this part of history class in school. Because based on your answers you didn't even know what the industrial revolution was. It may not play a major part in your eveyday life now but know about your history means something.

Better knowledge
You know a little bit about the industrial revolution but not enough to have a decent conversation about it. Your answers show that you paid some attention in school but you still did not pay enough attention to the lessons.

Average knowledge
You basically fall into the category that most people do when it comes to knowledge about the industrial revolution. You will not be able to win any trivia nights in school but you can have a decent conversation about it.

Above average knowledge
You seem to have been a good student when you were in school. Because when it came to a boring subject such as this one you possess knowledge well above the average person. And if you can retain that much information on this subject you must have been a good student.

Great knowledge
You are the type of person that could go on to a game how and potentially walk away as the winner. Based on the amount if knowledge you have on this subject you probably have a lot of stores information in that brain of yours.

Expert level knowledge
You have gathered enough data on this subject that people will view you as an expert on the subject. Anytime some scholars have a question that they will not have the answer to you are the person they will contact.