What Kind of Circus Performer Are You?

Are you more like a lion tamer or a trapeze artist?

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Trapeze Artist
You fly through the air with the greatest of ease! Seriously, though, you are the kind of person who makes difficult things look easy. You're beautiful, graceful, and surprisingly strong. You're also flexible and a real team player. If this circus performer thing doesn't work out, these are all qualities that would look great on a resume for another job.

Lion Tamer
You're daring and brave: a real risk-taker! And you have great leadership qualities, as long as you manage to keep your followers on your good side. Consider giving them lots of treats. You don't want them turning on you unexpectedly.

Appearances can be deceptive. You often seem a little goofy, even downright foolish, but deep down, you possess a kind of simple wisdom. You are funny and expressive. As a result, a lot of people think you're the life of the party. The rest of them are terrified of you.

Others are constantly amazed by you. How do you manage to do everything you do? You're highly skilled. You're fast. You're entertaining. How long can you maintain this level of performance? Good luck keeping all those balls in the air!

You are dramatic and highly adaptable. People are astonished by your flexibility. While it's a quality you've always possessed, you are also highly disciplined. Just don't let people take advantage of you. You're always bending over backward.

Fire Eater
One minute, you're lighting fires. The next minute, you're putting them out. Let's just say life is never boring when you're around. Be careful out there. And always keep a carton of ice cream on hand.