Political Typology

Are you a democrat? Or do you believe in Monarchy? Or some other ideology? If you do not know which political typology you belong to, take this fun personality quiz to know more about your political taste!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You seem to be a follower of democracy and believe in having equal rights. According to you, all the citizens must have equal rights in all the aspects in a country. Do you actually believe that democracy is the right way to function your country? Take a moment to reflect on that thought!

Based on your responses, you have a liberal mindset and you make an effort to understand others' needs and demands before imposing your laws. It is great to know tha t you believe in liberalism, but it is also sad that there are very few people like you in society who accept the modern fundamentals prevalent. While some people may think that too much liberalism could be misused and taken for granted, we would definitely love to have more like-minded people like you!

By nature, you seem to be a strict follower of morals and institutional policies. You may tend to stay true to the traditional ways of thinking and doing things even in the face of monumental changes. Be advised, though, that change is the only constant. Many think of the conservative nature as rather overrated, as it seizes the rights of people disabling their growth as an individual.

You seem to follow the extremist ideology and do not prefer taking a second opinion about your decisions before implementing them. You seem to e inclined toward the authoritarian form of control, that is, you relate with the concept of one strong individual or a focused group assuming a powerful authority.