Political Standing Quiz

When voting time comes around, are you always stuck on which way you lean? Take our short quiz to find out what party aligns with your values the most.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

For The People Democrat
You are for the fair and equal treatment of the masses. You want all Americans to feel safe and trust their government to have their backs in the times it counts. You want your vote to be heard and reflect in the judgments your party makes. You're a blue-state Dem all the way!

Country-Loving Republican
You have three major beliefs: country, religion and family. Maybe not in that order, but these pillars are what you want to reflect in your politics. You want traditional American ideals and big business to prevail for the long haul so you can continue to generate generational wealth. Good for you.

Fair Is Fair Communist
You believe everyone should be treated fairly to eliminate wage gaps and classism amongst societies. You want everyone to get a fair cut of the American pie, so the 1% and the 99 percent do not exist. You don't see anyone higher or lower than each other.

Revolutionary Socialist
You not only want change, you demand it! You want to make noise and make it loud. You stand behind the people and want to rage against the American capitalist system that puts big business first and the people last. You're not necessarily anti-market, you're just anti-injustice.

Free-Thinking Independent
You want everyone to think for themselves and to look outside of the major parties. You believe Democratic or Republican; you lose both ways. Both are two sides of the same coin; one just may be a lesser evil. You want to get behind free-thinking principles and come to your own conclusions. YOu are the individualist who want to stand with others who feel the same.

Environment-Conscious Green Party Voter
You believe the Earth needs to be protected and our government can have a big hand in this. You believe we can do a lot to better living conditions for humans and animals and possibly elongate the lifespan of the plan with proper planning and support from the big-wigs.