Country Boy

Are you a country boy? Or are you a city slicker posing as one? There's more to being a country boy than a pair of boots! Find out how country boy you are and take this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A city slicker
You don't know anything about living in the country! You probably can't tell an Angus from a Holstein. Have you ever even had your tea in a mason jar? Probably not. The closest you've gotten to country is that time you stopped at Cracker Barrel on a road trip.

A wannabe
You might not be a city slicker, but you probably grew up in one or its suburbs. There's a slim chance you grew up in a small town. But, what you didn't do was spend significant time out on the farm or even in the country really. But, you probably like the country so why not visit it more often?

A little bit country
You don't have much mud on your boots but you do have some little bit of country in you. Maybe your papaw had a place out in the country? At the very least, you're not a true city slicker. You appreciate the country and spend time in it.

A country boy
You're a country boy with a bit of sophistication to call upon when you need it. That is to say, you're not going to get in any tobacco spitting contests on a trip to town. You save those shenanigans for the back porch at the old homestead.

A true redneck
You're not just a country boy, you're a died in the wool country boy. You've probably driven a tractor or a horse on the highway and you know how to throw a bale of hay with aim enough to stack it. You probably know all of the words to Thank God I'm a Country Boy.