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You've got the beats and the tunes, the fans and the songs are on the way- what your band really needs is a name. Skip the so-and-so and the x format and use our band name generator!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Strike A Chord
Your band wants to connect on a highly emotional level with your fans. You also enjoy a good pun or two. You work to strike the balance between emotional and charming and usually find the sweet spot that gains you adoration.

Maggie's Gerbils
Some people find your band weird. Whatever. The people who get your band get your band and for you all it's about the music anyway. Your band is truly committed to the craft, the songs, and of course the music.

Miami Revival
Your band loves to get the crowd pumped up! Maybe you have a bit of a dance or DJ vibe but no matter the case, you're the kind of band people book for straight up parties. You love bringing music and life to the world.

Poor Poor In Poverty
Your band is a pretty serious endeavor. You all are no garage band and you're serious about spreading your story and your voices to all who will listen. You may come from a rough background but your devotion as a group is intense.

Pippi's Divorce
Get ready, your band is a band that is certain to take off. You all have a huge focus not only on your music but on your aesthetics and your fans- a winning combination for this day and age. Enjoy all of your success!

The Angry Soaps
You are a band that does not hold back. Whatever you've got you give it all and you might be known for being highly uncensored. Your band is what it is and you don't care if others don't like it. Rock on.