Does My Wife Love Me?

Wondering if your wife really does love you? Then it's time to find out for sure! Take this quiz already, and get your answer. Grab a seat, it's going to get interesting!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Loves You
Your wife really does love you. She thinks about you all the time, and loves to hang out with you. She does little things for you all the time, whether or not you realize it. And she certainly cares about your wellbeing.

Used to Love You More
It's not that she doesn't still love you. There's still a chance to turn things around here! But you have to remember what made her love you in the first place. And you need to put in the serious effort needed to fix a relationship. Do that, and you can keep her love, expand it, and be happy together.

Used to Love You
This is hard, because you certainly want to know, but the answer isn't pretty. Turns out, your wife has fallen out of love with you. Maybe it happened because things were too hard. Maybe it was because you've grown apart in all this time. Whatever happened, whenever it happened, the love's faded away.