What Should I Buy With My Money?

Is there a hole burning in your pocket or do you want to be a responsible consumer? Either way, we can help you find an answer to what you should do with your money. Take the quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A gift
You should buy something for someone else. There are many times that we get greater enjoyment out of making someone else happy than we do trying to fill a void in ourselves with material things. Don't try to figure out who you should buy for. Just go out with the intention of giving a gift and you'll see something perfect for someone that you know.

An investment
Whether you have tons of money to spend or only a dollar, you can invest that money in your future and turn it into saved and growing cash. If you've got loads of money, buy some property. But, be careful to buy property that you can sell later at a greater price. If you are super low on cash, buy a packet of seeds, or mushroom plugs, garlic bulbs - something cheap to grow that you could sell online or at a farmer's market for much more than you paid.

You need to spice things up. Or calm them down. At any rate, you need something that changes things in your environment. You can buy new throw pillows or a comforter some other time. Right now, find a piece of art (if you have little money print an image you find online) or create one and hang it up in the space you spend the most time in.

Not necessarily hammer and screwdriver tools. You need to start or renew a hobby. Creating something or accomplishing something will really boost your mood. So, pick a hobby and buy the tools for it. For example, paintbrushes for painting, knitting needles, woodworking tools, tripod and camera, etc.

A ticket
Whether it's to a show, a trip to Paris, or a ticket for a ride, you need a ticket. Tickets are all about going through a new and different door. Who will you be when you go through to that door? Buy a ticket and find out.

Quality version of a necessity
We all tend to buy some things that will just do because we need them in the moment and can't afford the good version. You can probably think of something you already own that's a good example. Like a $10 toaster or those $1 beach towels from the 99 cent store. So, think of a necessity that you need and go out and buy the best version of that thing.