What To Do In London?

There's absolutely so much to do in London that it can be hard to choose what kind of trip you want to have much less where to start. Take this quiz for some inspiration.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Have Afternoon Tea at Harrod's
This is the perfect way to knock two very London experiences off your list! On the one hand- afternoon tea, on the other, you get to enjoy the famed Harrods department store. Enjoy your tea and sweets.

Do All The Harry Potter Stuff
Chances are, you like Harry Potter. London is the perfect place to dive into your love for the series with movie studio tours, Platform 9 and 3/4, and just the general vibe of the magical wizarding world.

Go On A Food Tour
London has a lot of delicious food! Whether you're after warm curries and Indian food or traditional British fare, you're sure to find it on an amazing food tour of the city. Prepare to eat a lot of food!

Stroll Along the Thames
You adore nature and low-key vacations. The best thing for you to do in London is to stroll along the Thames. Take in the sights of the city riverside and prepare for plenty of ample people-watching.

Catch A Show in the West End
Theater is often considered the child of London, catch a show at its best and grab tickets to a production in the West End. This is London's equivalent to Broadway. See what tickets you can score and enjoy!

Check Out the Portobello Market
You love exploring neighborhoods and checking out the local scene. Head to Portobello Road Market for some street food and street vendors and the opportunity to experience one of London's many markets.