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Are you looking for a name for a school for something you're writing? Do you want to rename your school? Use this school name generator and find a good school name!

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Fagin Reformatory for Derelict Urchins
It's towering but ramshackle. The black walnut trees that surround it have no leaves, just shriveled walnuts that pelt passersby on their heads. It's run by a crooked, wretched old man that doesn't give you any pudding because you didn't eat your meat.

Birchmont High School
It's that perfect 80s movie high school where all of the kids are rich enough to get BMWs for their 16th birthdays if they want one. There are all of the usual cliques and most of them are superficial. So, really, it's the average high-school with a lot of cash sprinkled on top.

Hamlin High
This average middle America high school is named after Abraham Lincoln's vice president, Hannibal Hamlin. He was from Maine and started out working on his father's farm until he became a newspaper editor. From there, he got his law degree, practiced law, became a Representative, and more through to the vice presidency and ending with an ambassadorship to Spain. The kids at Hamlin High are the apple pie kids of comic books and teen comedies.

Blalock Hall
It's the boarding school of very rich and creepily mysterious children of aristocrats. Where you set it is up to you. Why not on the shore of a remote lake? Near a town once peopled by oil barons or lumber magnates but that is now scattered with abandoned gothic mansions? Maybe someplace like Bramwell, WV.

Zeta Institute for Precocious Savants
Yes, it's a school for the gifted. Where science, math, and the liberal arts intersect. Of course, all sorts of gifted students attend but the school heroes are the geniuses that excel in math, science, and engineering.

St. Margaret of Antioch Preparatory Academy
The students and the alumni of St. Margarets are known as the Dragon Slayers. Their emblem is a shield featuring the saint emerging from a dragon's belly wielding a golden cross as though it were a sword. St. Margaret's claim to fame was that pretty much nothing could kill her - even being swallowed by the devil who had disguised himself as a dragon.