What Is Your Personal Style? No. 2

Do you need a new wardrobe, maybe a capsule or a few pieces for a night out? Take this quiz to find out what your personal styles says about you and find out exactly what you need.

Here are all the results with descriptions

You and your wardrobe need a complete makeover
You're in a bit of a rut and not sure what you need or where to start. Your wardrobe needs a new lease of life. Get in touch with Natalie (@missscottsway) today.

You need a Capsule Wardobe
You're a confident dresser and aren't afraid of a printed shirt. However, your wardrobe could do with a little shake up. You just need some fresh, pieces to mix with what you already have.

You're stuck in your UrbanStreet Ways
You prefer teaming your jeans with a crisp white tee and some sneakers. You run out of ideas on how to solidly move away from your casual demeanor to something a little bit more smart.

You need a new outfit for an event
You have a interest in fashion and you're working on your personal style. You have upcoming events and needs to make a good impression!