True Love Test

Wondering if what you have really is true love? Then it's time to find out once and for all! Maybe you have something few people ever experience in a lifetime!

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True Love
You and your partner may not see eye to eye on all things, but you do on what matters. On values and beliefs, for instance. You also have enough differences to make life interesting! And to learn from one another. You two inspire each other to grow and morph into your best selves. And the love is strong. Whatever issues you have are minimal and inconsequential. Maybe there's one more glaring problem, an ongoing one, but you both work together through everything. Thick as thieves. It's true love!

One Step Away From True Love
You and your partner aren't perfect, but no one is. It's not true love, but that doesn't mean it's not love at all. If you're head over heels for this person and things are going smoothly, then. . . why leave? It's just not 'true' love because there's a certain level of dynamic and intimacy that just. . . isn't achievable in most relationships. So you're right along the right track. But you've learned enough lessons now that you could search for something deeper than what you have. It's. . . a toss up.

Something Very Far Off From True Love
You don't have anything remotely close to true love. What you have is. . . more like infatuation, even obsession, and of course, rose-tinted glasses. It may be that you're early on in this relationship. Or it could be that you and your partner aren't as close and intimate as you think. Maybe there's a level of. . . privacy and distance that your partner incorporates that keeps you wanting more. Pleading for affection and love. And that makes you blind. It's time to walk away, and call it a day.