What Rock Star Are You?

Steven Tyler or Bono? Find out now!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Ozzy Osbourne
You are Ozzy Osbourne-hailed by many as the 'Godfather of Heavy Metal', but known to newer generations as the King of Reality TV. Whether you know him from his dark music and intense shows (piece of bat, anyone?) or as the likeable, bumbling father from The Osbournes, one thing is certain: you've got that friendly, charismatic type of personality that everyone loves to love, no matter what you're up to.

Mick Jagger
You are Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones! You're a living legend-and one of the most iconic figures in music history. You are talented, charismatic and have that unique, special something that draws attention and legions of worshipping fans. You inspire songs, movie lines and more, and people of all ages will continue to reference you and know who you are for ages and ages to come. Rock on, Mick!

Jon Bon Jovi
With your bouncy mane of blond hair and movie star good looks, you are Jon Bon Jovi. You speak to the American people through your music like no other rock star has been able to do-and you look good doing it. Ageless and timeless, you never look like you're trying too hard at anything.

Axl Rose
You are Axl Rose. You have a powerful stage presence due to an incredible vocal range and energetic performances. To you, there is nothing better in life than putting on a good show for a packed stadium of people cheering you on. You love to be in the spotlight and to show off your considerable talent to the world by making awesome music and playing it live.

Steven Tyler
With your iconic looks and legendary musical talent, you are Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. You're known as the 'Demon of Screamin'' due to your on-stage screams and incredible vocal range. You're one of the most talented singers in the history of music, and you've helped to create countless classics over the years. People will remember you for your uniqueness and trademark scarves, your enormous mouth and considerable on-stage charisma.

You are Bono. You're intelligent, charismatic and quite the rebel. You aren't afraid to ask questions and point out social injustices. You love charity work and genuinely see it as your duty to help people. You like to stay busy and to work hard in many different sectors. You like business, philanthropy, music and politics, and people see you as a beacon of hope and inspiration.