Bunny Hero Name Generator?

Find out a hero you can be. Then share it to your friends if you don't like it you can redo the quiz.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a hero you like being pretty and super fast. You hate flying sometimes but love making new friends.

You are a hero but you can also be as villain. You love to fly and you like to be indoors sometimes but your still a good friend.

You are a princess of Shell City. You love helping people and meeting new friends.

You are a very nice cowgirl. You can sometimes get really bossy but you are still a good friend.

You want to be a knight when you grow up. You are a prince of cupcake Kingdom and love to save people you're a very good friend.

You were supposed to be a villain but you wanted to be a hero. You like challenging other people but you're good at being a good friend.