What Type Of Dessert Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of dessert you are? Find out what type of sweet treat you would be based on various personality questions. What dessert do you hope to be? Do you happen to be your favorite treat? A good quiz for anyone bored, craving sweets (okay, so maybe not), and especially someone trying to find out more about their life as food. Have fun! :).

Tags: Dessert, Personality, Sweet, Sugar

Here are all the results with descriptions

Ice Cream
You do very well socially! People like you, especially kids. You'll make a very good parent one day, and are very easy going and nice to others.

You are very formal, but are enjoyable anyhow. People usually enjoy hanging around you on special occasions.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
You are a fun person, but not that unusual. People know what to expect when they meet you, and you are a good friend.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
You are too serious. You are enjoyable, but only by people who, like you, take things seriously. Many people don't appreciate your chewy goodness.