Would I Be A Good Girlfriend?

Are you wondering whether or not you would be a good girlfriend to someone? We can help you figure it out if you take a minute and answer these simple questions!

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An Awful Girlfriend
You probably already knew this, but you would make an awful girlfriend. Maybe you're just not ready to settle down. Perhaps your heart's been broken one too many times. Either way, don't start a relationship right now. It wouldn't be good for anyone.

Not A Real Good Girlfriend
You may have one or two qualities about you that guys are looking for in a girl, but for the most part, you aren't' going to make a good girlfriend, at least right now. Spend some time working on yourself. You may find what you're looking for that way.

Kind Of A Good Girlfriend
You would be kind of a good girlfriend to the right guy, but to the wrong guy, things could get pretty crazy. Instead of risking wasting your time when you aren't ready, focus on other aspects of your life. When it's supposed to happen, it will.

A Pretty Good Girlfriend
For the most part, you would make a pretty good girlfriend. There are some things about you that aren't all that great, but nobody is perfect. You can work on those qualities with the right person. If they truly love you, they'll be ready for the challenge.

An Excellent Girlfriend
You are one of those girls that every guy should be chasing after. You have all the best qualities of a girlfriend, and clearly, you're ready to share your life with someone special. Wait for that person, because you don't want to waste yourself on someone that doesn't deserve it.

The Best Girlfriend Ever
Everything about you says that you would make the best girlfriend ever. You're kind, caring, giving, and willing to do what it takes to make a relationship work. Whoever nabs you is going to be lucky!