Army Quiz

Were you in the army? Are you thinking about joining? Do you think you know all the specifics about the group? Find out if you do by taking this quiz!

Tags: Trivia, Army, Facts

Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing About the Army
Have you ever even heard of the army? We doubt it by the way you answered these questions. You didn't get a single one of them correct. If you were thinking about this as a career field, you better start studying.

Very Little About the Army
You got a couple of these questions about the army right, but you missed most of them. This is a pretty significant part of the United States history, so you should probably know more than you do. Time to do some research!

Some About the Army
You are kind of knowledgeable when it comes to things related to the army, but you missed about half of the answers to these questions. If you're okay with doing average, then you're fine. Otherwise, you have a lot to learn!

A Lot About the Army
You must have been in the army or at least have a close family member or friend that was because you did extremely well on this quiz. You only missed a couple of questions, but some of them were pretty hard.

Everything About the Army
You know 100% about the army according to this quiz! You got every single one of these questions right, and that's not something that everyone can do. You must have served at some point is what we're guessing.