What Position Would I Be In A Wolf Pack?

Wolf packs have a hierarchical structure. It can seem harsh when discipline is doled out, but the pack is a unit and each member is loved. Find out your wolf pack position with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are the leader of the pack. You are the most dominant wolf. You may share this role with another alpha of the opposite gender. Either way, what you (or you with the other alpha) say goes. You are the first to dine but you also take some of the most risk. Sometimes you assign that risk to your Beta.

You are second in command. Most of the other wolves look up to you. The only wolf higher than you is the Alpha or Alpha pair. There may be other betas, but not many. You are a hunter and you keep wolves under you in line.

You are one of the mid-ranking wolves. You don't have any authority, except over the Omega - the least member of the pack. You are not picked on, but you aren't a ruling member, either. You are given opportunities for challenge to improve your rank and may at some time in the future.

You are a mid-ranking wolf with a specific job. Mid-ranking wolves are under Alphas and Betas but are above Omegas. Usually, they have no power or authority. However, as a sentinel, you have a job and therefore, a bit of respect.

Lone wolf
You have no position because you are currently without a pack. Perhaps you are a former Alpha whose position was taken. Or maybe you were a Beta that tried to usurp an Alpha. Or, better yet, perhaps you were an Omega that just didn't want to deal with BS anymore.

You are in the lowest position in the wolf pack ranks. You are subordinate to all of the pack - not most of it. That means you have to fight harder to survive. You don't fight them, you fight the elements. You have less food, inferior shelter, and work harder. You may decide to leave the pack to become a lone wolf.