Pizza Personality Quiz

We all love pizza and we all have strong opinions about our pizza. We have stances on Hawaiian, thick or thin crust, and even where the best pizza is from. See what your pizza thoughts say about you.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Wise Soul
You are incredibly wise. Sometimes you speak as though you have lived a thousand lives before your own. People are often taken with your maturity and grace. You are sought after as a great advice-giver.

You are mischievous! You have a constant twinkle in your eye and smirk on your face. Not to mention a plan in action. Sometimes you use your curiosity and creativity for good, other times. . . you use it for fun.

A Warrior
You are an absolute warrior. You are strong and feel inclined to protect the things you care about (even if it's just pizza toppings). You tend to be dedicated to your community and loyal to your loved ones.

Emotionally Strong
You are emotionally strong. You know when to be vulnerable, how to handle rejection or heartbreak, and how to deal with the bad stuff life sends you. You are an amazing and intelligent individual who likes pizza.

A Perfectionist
You are a perfectionist. Sometimes this gets in your way but you carry on as normal anyway. You are ambitious and stubborn. You love a clean line, an edited sentence, and a perfectly cooked pie delivered exactly on time.

On Fire
You are on fire! Whatever's going on in your life right now, you are killin' it and your confidence is at a new height. You feel like celebration and light and of course, an awesome slice of delicious pizza.