What Kind of Job Describes You Best?

If you were a job, which one would you be? Find out now!

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You're not very good at letting other people tell you what to do, and that's why you're the boss! You thrive in a work environment where you can make decisions and control every aspect of a situation. You're smart, organized, charismatic and authoritarian, and above all, you're a hard-worker who demands excellence from your employees.

The Temp
You love to work hard, but you also like a change of scenery every so often or else you'll go mad. Which is sad, because the minute people start to realize what a valuable resource you are, you're already preparing to leave!

The Manager
You take direction well, but you're also a master organizer and can delegate duties extraordinarily well. You can be a little bossy and harsh, but that's because you have to be! Even though you're often the bad guy, the people at the top value and appreciate your hard work and dedication.

The Star Employee
You are an awesome employee and a very valuable member of the team. You're responsible, hard working, and you get along with everyone in the office. You're constantly being promoted and given more responsibilities. If you stay at your job long enough, you're likely to reach upper management eventually!

The Part-Timer
You are The Part-Timer! You come in for short intervals, or every other day. You don't work on Saturdays, or most mornings either. Let's face it--you don't particularly like working 9-5. You have better things to do with your time, and your job is just a way to make enough money to support your real dreams, dreams that don't involve corporate hell!

The Freelance Guru
Independent, intelligent and creative, you are a Freelance Guru. You're free-spirited and so talented at what you do that you are able to work whenever you want, on your own terms. You're your own boss, and you wouldn't have it any other way!