Which Pet Should You Have?

Answer our 21 questions to find out which pet you should have!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your pet-match is a lot like you: independent, with a lot of individual character, and very adaptable as long as there's a warm and comfy place to sleep. You love to have your own space but to spend time with others now and then, and cats are very similar. As long as there's a little affection and food and water, they are pretty set!

You are bright and bubbly, and love a clean, elegant space for your home. Parakeets can live a long life but don't take a lot of space, so your home will be intact and brightened up by the charming songs and antics of these little feathered friends. You default mode of optimism and joy will always be engaged with a parakeet around!

Guinea Pig
You are a bit unconventional and so is your ideal pet. You like an animal that will cuddle, play, but not be too invasive or messy in your home. A guinea pig has the perks of a puppy but with less responsibility of cleaning up after them and risk that they will damage your home.

You are true blue and loyal to the end. A commitment doesn't scare you off at all and that's why you're probably ready for the long-term responsibility of getting a dog! A dog will always be happy to see you and grateful for every gesture you show them.

You are a bit of a jet-set type, and never know where the next month or year will take you, that's why something low-maintenance but still cute and endearing is the right pet choice for you. A goldfish may not be cuddly, but they won't chew up your shoes either!

You have the strength and dedication to develop a long-term and personal relationship, and as long as you have the space, a horse will be the fulfilling and enriching pet choice for you. Think of the horse more like a friend and work-out buddy, and always remember a good treat of carrots or oats, and you will have a friend for many years to come.