How Do You Deal With Conflict?

Everyone deals with conflict differently. This quiz will give you insight into your personality to reveal how you personally handle the conflicts you face.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

tend to get defensive
Conflict makes you defensive because you take it personally. To have healthy relationships, you need to learn to separate your self-worth from the issue. Nobody's perfect, and if you use conflicts to learn about your weakness, you can work on strengthening them and becoming your best version of yourself.

tend to avoid it
Conflict makes you uncomfortable so your first inclination is to run away from it when you can. The problem with this method is that you never resolve problems. If you learn to face your issues productively, you will be able to positively impact your reality!

tend to provoke it
You may not realize that the things you do and say are causing a lot of the conflicts you face. If you learn how to communicate more positively and productively, you will be able to resolve conflicts rather than make them worse.

tend to compromise
Compromising is a wonderful skill for resolving conflict when it's used properly. However, it's more damaging than good if compromising make you resentful or unhappy. Compromising should make things better!

tend to resolve it by collaboration
You work well with others to resolve conflicts. You are not afraid of it and you appreciate how facing it will benefit everyone involved. Resolving conflict this way creates healthy relationships where everyone understands shared and individual needs.

tend to make the first move to reconciliation
You don't feel comfortable when you are facing conflict. Compromising or smoothing things over may not resolve underlying issues. It's good to take the first step toward reconciliation, but make sure that you are dealing with the root causes of conflict or the same conflicts will come up again.