Barista Quiz

Being a barista is more difficult than you would think. Take this quiz and discover if you could really cut it as a barista in your favorite coffee shop!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Suck As A Barista
For the customers having you as a barista would be just terrible. You know nothing about coffee. Literally run away from a career as a barista because it will not suit you or the knowledge you possess.

Be A Below Average Barista
You would get coffee orders wrong and you would be unable to answer people's questions about different types of coffee. This overall means you wouldn't last very long in the barista world. Maybe think about doing something else.

Just Cut It As A Barista
You wouldn't be the best barista in town, but you certainly wouldn't be the worst either. Your knowledge is about as basic as the girls ordering their coffee's at chain coffee places. With a little more effort though we're sure you could do well as a barista!

Do Well As A Barista
You definitely know more than the average person when it comes to coffee. We can tell you are an avid drinker and could cut it as a barista. Though it's a difficult job your knowledge and people skills will carry you through!

Be An Excellent Barista
Your knowledge of coffee is unbelievable and truly unmatched. You could make it as a barista in any coffee shop around the world. We can see you know creating masterful coffee creations in a popular cafe in Italy.