What Job Is Right For You?

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An Architect
You excel at thinking of grand concepts and have a twist of idealism in your blood--you would make a great architect! You have no problem with the long and demanding hours if it means you're contributing something meaningful to society, and your friends and family understand and support your decision to make the world a more beautiful place for everyone.

A Nurse
You care deeply about your fellow human and want everyone to live with maximal health and opportunity; that's why you should be a nurse. You will be helping society while also satisfying your need to make the most of your skills, and the gratification that comes with helping people take control of their health will make all the sacrifice worth it.

A Writer
You are eloquent and creative and have opinions about everything--you should try writing them down! You have the self-discipline to set your own hours, and keep to them, and will soon learn that nothing is better than submitting your manuscript that you've been laboring over!

A Business Owner
You are independent and strongheaded. Working for others just isn't something you like to do; that's why you've got to make the moves to be your own boss and become a business owner. It could be a restaurant, retail, financial consulting--anything will be all right as long as you can be the director of the whole operation!

A Film Director
You think in pictures and stories and are always searching for the meaning behind everyday situations. Your depth of vision and dedication would translate wonderfully into being a film director. You have the added benefit that, in addition to being creative, you can easily access the logical part of your mind whenever you need to figure out logistical details of making films.

A Lawyer
You are passionate, empathetic, and strong-willed, and you will be an excellent voice for the people. Others look to you for your skills in arguing and defending the underdogs, and once you get really good, you're sure to be on the road to a great salary, which will make your personal life that much better.