Which City in Colorado is Best for You?

Scenery or sports?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs! Your best match is the city of Colorado Springs. You are quite the busy bee, and you crave to keep your mind just as active as your body. Home to places like the U.S. Air Force Academy and Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs was voted the best city to live in by a few magazines. If that doesn't convince you, then the city's reputation for being packed with things to do certainly will. You're one who avoids boredom like the plague, which makes Colorado Springs the best city for you.

Vail! Your best match is the city of Vail. You're the type of person whose adrenaline is always pumping, so it makes sense that you belong where you can slide down the slopes. Vail isn't for the timid or weakhearted, so you obviously fit right in. You'll love this action-packed adventure town with its grand views, but it's much more than that. You can always find something to do in Vail. What are you waiting for?

Denver! Your best match is the city of Denver. Colorado's capital and biggest city, Denver is the place for go-getters. You probably love sports, which puts you in a perfect position to cheer on some major sports teams that call Denver home. As a music fan, you will cross the Red Rocks Amphitheater off of your bucket list and listen to your favorite music amidst a natural wonder. Welcome home to Denver!

Fort Collins
Fort Collins! Your best match is the city of Fort Collins. Congratulations! Fort Collins is a hotspot with bustling daytime activities as well as a nightlife full of fun. You are the type of person who takes life a day at a time, and you try to enjoy it as much as you can. Fort Collins offers day trips to nearby nature when you're feeling restless, and it has a great balance of hustle and bustle to keep you entertained from day to day. You will easily call Fort Collins home.

Erie! Your best match is the city of Erie. You are more of an artsy and peaceful type of person. Erie has a lot of groups dedicated to the art community, and they even have a hot air balloon festival every year! How cool is that? You will enjoy strolling around historic downtown Erie and seeing what all the shops and galleries have to offer. Erie is known to be one of the best cities in Colorado to live, so you'll find no stress here. Welcome to your new city!

Lake City
Lake City! Your best match is the city of Lake City. You are creative, and you tend to keep to yourself. Seemingly untouched by time, Lake City is a place with one of the largest and authentic historic districts in the state of Colorado. You won't find any stress here because Lake City is as laid back as can be. If Lake City isn't enough of a getaway, take a serene scenic drive around the nearby mountain routes in a car or even on a bike! Happy living!