How Altruistic Are You?

If you think that you are a very selfless person take this quiz. This quiz will reveal just how altruistic and kind you really are compared to others!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Least Altruistic Person
You are a very very self-centered person. The world revolves around you and your needs. . . or at least you think it does. You very rarely think of others and that's the way you like it. More power to you!

Not A Very Altruistic Person
Honestly, you aren't very selfless at all. That's not a totally bad thing. You really focus on yourself and fulfilling your needs. This is a great thing for you personally but you should maybe consider thinking of others here and there.

You're not quite altruistic. You tend to think of yourself more than others but still go out of your way to think of others sometimes, mainly people you really care about. You're not selfish but you are certainly not selfless.

Kind Of Altruistic
You are a bit altruistic. You aren't the most selfless but you also can not be considered selfish. You do things for others but also find time for yourself and to cater to your own needs. You are very balanced.

You don't have a selfish bone in your body. You think of everyone else before yourself. It's really just your personality to behave like that. It is in your best interest though to put yourself first every once in a while.

Very Altruistic
You are probably one of the least selfish people in the world. You always put others before yourself and would basically do anything to help anyone. Not only do you care about others but you care about the planet as well!