How Superficial Are You?

Some say that we're all at least a little bit superficial. That may or may not be true. Is it true in your case? Find out by taking this superficiality quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not at all superficial
It seems like you might not be discerning about anything at all! You might want to be at least a touch more superficial. Otherwise, you might get lured down an alley by a kidnapper or get catfished in a false internet romance!

Not very superficial
You have a little bit of common sense when it comes to assessing character and value, but not much. You might get taken for a ride from time to time. You might also think people in your life are better people than they are.

A little superficial
It's okay to be a touch superficial. It's what keeps us out of danger. Being just a little superficial is a healthy way to make good decisions in romance, friendships, and purchases. Keep being discerning but don't get too superficial.

Bordering on snotty
You're more superficial than most people. You're in danger of being a snob. Being overly critical of others will lead to damaged relationships. Being overly critical of things will lead to missed experiences that may have been enriching.

Super Superficial
You are the Queen Bee of Superficiality. It's time to rein yourself in and do a little self-reflection. The world doesn't revolve around your tastes and opinions, you know. And by being so hypercritical, you're missing out on great relationships and experiences.