What Kind Of Pie Are You?

It's time for a slice! Pie is one of the most underrated desserts out there, especially since there's so many types! Which of the many pie flavors are you?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Peach Pie
You are Peach Pie! You are a bright and charming person. Many people adore you and the best way to describe your personality is lovable. You are attracted to warm and colorful things in the world and life.

Key Lime Pie
You are Key Lime Pie! While most of the time you play it cool and keep to your own life, sometimes you can get ruffled and react accordingly. People should be wary when crossing you, especially when you're in a sour mood.

Blueberry Pie
You are Blueberry Pie! You are a very empathetic person and a good listener. You are family-oriented and would do anything for your family. You err toward the traditional side of things and favor consistency.

Pecan Pie
You are pecan pie! You are super sweet and some people think you're a bit naive. You don't mind too much, people are people you figure. We're all a bit nutty and you love to stretch your zany spirit as far as you can.

Snickers Pie
You are a Snickers pie! You are all about indulgence and treating yourself. You have a lot of confidence and are well aware of all you deserve in life. People tend to admire your bravado and charisma.

Savory Pie
You are a savory pie! You are an intriguing blend of practical and adventurous. You've set up your life accordingly and use your resources to do things most people would never dream of. Keep living it up!