Am I Wise?

Wisdom is a fine thing to have, but quite a lot of people haven't got any. Do you? There's a difference in intelligence and wisdom. Find out how wise you are by taking this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not wise
That is not to say that you're aren't intelligent. But intelligence and wisdom don't always go together. Make a new practice of spending some time every day in evaluating what's happening in your life and in the world. Contemplation is a road to wisdom.

Somewhat wise
You have a bit of wisdom but you are lacking in some areas. You must know how to build wisdom because you've done it before. Step back and take stock and consider which areas of your life and relationships need further thought and contemplation.

You have a great deal of wisdom. You do not quite have the wisdom of a monk or a wise old owl, but you are well on your way. But, we can't all be hermits or sneak away to the desert, can we? And there's wisdom in not making that choice, too.

Very wise
You have much more wisdom than most people. You are like hermits of old that have spent their life contemplating how it all works and how everything pieces together. Don't forget to share your wisdom with others!