What Should I Buy For Lunch?

Hungry? Want to break out of your usual lunch time rut and skip the PB & J? We don't blame you. It's time to treat yourself to a nicer, more yummy lunch.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Breakfast Burrito
You should buy a breakfast burrito! We don't mean one of those microwavable ordeals but a feast filled with eggs, chorizo, and a pico de gallo that rocks your world. You love flavor and you love breakfast.

Chicken Parmesan
You should order some Chicken Parmesan for yourself! Let's face it, you adore pasta and we don't blame you. Allow yourself some carbs for today and tuck in to this delectable treat to yourself. Happy lunching!

Fried Rice
It's time to order some take-out and what's better than grabbing some fried rice. This is the perfect dish to change it up, choose your favorite protein and enjoy a flurry of veggies and flavor. Plus it'll be ready quickly!

A Pub Meal
You should head down to the closest pub and grab a meal there! Maybe you'll opt for a meat pie or for a burger, either way you need a change of scenery just as much as you need a change of meals (and maybe a drink too).

Fish Tacos
You should grab some fish tacos! It's the perfect day to give into your cravings and pop out of the office just long enough to devour a couple of these bad boys. Don't forget the napkins, their messiness matches their flavor!

A Pulled Pork Sandwich
You should buy a pulled pork sandwich! It's the middle of the day and your energy is probably starting to dip, bring it back up with this filling and delicious meal that's sure to carry you through the rest of the day.