What Kind of Clothes Should You Wear According to Your Personality?

What's your personal style?

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You're as untamable as the Wild West and just as fierce. You are a true, strong friend. You love deeply, and you fight with everything you've got. Life is an adventure, one that you take by storm! Yippie ki-yay!

You are a serious and thoughtful individual, who is not afraid to face the harder things in life. You are a strong person who has only been made stronger by the trials you've faced. You will never abide bullying, either directed at you or at others. You will stand strong and endure no matter what.

You are easygoing, laidback and free-spirited. You go with the flow, but are never part of the crowd. You do your own thing whether it's how you live or what clothes you wear.

You are always composed and self-possessed. You can weather any storm with confidence and self-assurance. You are calm in the face of danger and cool in the face of seemingly impossible odds. People can always rely on you to keep your head.

You are organized, smart and a good problem-solver. You're good at planning and coming up with ideas. You take your responsibilities seriously and have always studied and worked hard. You love learning and always have an open mind.

You're in this life to have fun and you know exactly how to do it! No one can laugh as hard as you can, dance as much as you can or have as good a time as you can. You're a joy to be around because you yourself always have so much joy and you love to share it. Life's a party and you mean to enjoy it!