Which Pet Are You?

Take our quiz to find out what pet you are most like!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are happy-go-lucky, loyal, and loving, basically just like man's best friend! You have no enemies, only friends you haven't made yet, and you feel happiest when you are with the ones you love and helping them out.

You can seem icy to some, but it's just one small part of your personality, which is actually quite affectionate once you know someone. A lot of people are intimidated by your confidence, but you have no ill-will or malice towards anyone.

You can't sit still and are always looking for the next experience to get your thrills. You have a captivating presence which makes many people want to get to know you, but you are so hard to pin down that very few actually know the real you.

You're quiet and pleased to just observe others around you rather than interacting with them. You are good company but it takes a long time for you to become good friends with people, because you don't open up until you feel very safe.

You're strong, faithful, and determined. Your loved ones know that you will never hesitate to help them out of a bind or go the extra mile when completing a favor. You're a gentle giant with a big heart.

You're all ego and then some! Though most of it is valid because you are super great, you do retain a hint of 'I know best' when dealing with other people, which makes some people think you are full of yourself and others think that you are extremely cool.