What Are You Known For?

What's your most famous attribute?

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You're always up for trying new things and pushing boundaries. You're never afraid of looking silly or of failing. If at first you don't succeed, you just keep try, trying again. You're always happy to take initiative, always resourceful, and always have more get-up-and-go than anyone else in the room!

Generosity of Spirit
Your good nature ensures that you are always open to helping others. You empathize with people when they are suffering and are always there to support them. You are a true and loyal friend, who will stay by someone's side through good time and bad.

You are a wise counselor and sage advisor. When you walk into a room, you command everyone's attention and respect. People turn to you when they are struggling. You can bring illumination to any issue and understanding to any question.

Even when you are not busy creating things, your mind is active and planning new ways to bring beauty into the world. You are a dreamer and an idealist. You see lovely things all around you and you want to help others see them too. You have an artist's soul and a creative temperament.

You are a force to be reckoned with, tough as nails, and not afraid to put up a fight! You don't back down and you're not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You hate bullies and anyone who would pick on those weaker than themselves. You stick up for people who need you and you help the person in need.

You're all laughter, fun, smiles, and jokes, and people always feel a million times better after spending an hour in your company. Your smile never fails to be infectious. You're always spreading the good cheer. You're the life at every party and the heart of your family.