What Hair Color Matches Your Personality?

Should your hair be pink or purple?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are bright, sparkling, and chipper. You bring a smile to every face and laughter to every heart. You're wonderful to be around and people always love to spend time in your company. You're optimistic, upbeat, and lively.

Majestic and magnificent, you inspire loyalty, respect, and awe. You always keep your head in a crisis, always remain calm, and never lose your temper. You can untangled any problem and always have a solution to any difficulty. People look up to you and admire you.

You are deep and thoughtful, wise and studious. You are content to be left alone with your own thoughts and ponderings. You're happiest at home with a good book and a cup of coffee. You have deep insight into human nature and have a great capacity for empathy.

You are active and energetic with vast amounts of energy. You love spending time outdoors and prefer the boundless wilds of Mother Nature to the bustle of any city. You're always in excellent shape and are always on the move.

Dramatic, bold, and daring, you do not frighten easily or back down. You stick through things to the bitter end. You're a fighter and fierce. People can count on you to come through during difficult times. You are a source of unending strength and instill great confidence.

You are passionate and fiery; you feel things deeply and are very in tune with your emotions. You will fight for those you care about and be the one who makes the grand gestures. You're not afraid to risk it all or go all in. You know that sometimes to be happy, you have to take a chance.