Am I Middle Class?

The easiest way to figure this out would be to look at your bank statements but that involves math, and math sucks. SO let us do a cool quiz instead!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Totally Not Middle Class
You're upper class, rich kid. What are you doing taking a quiz like this? You might work hard and can relate to the middle class but you really aren't middle class. That's okay though, it means you can feast on gourmet chocolates instead of cheap chocolates!

Not At All Middle Class
You're poor as a pauper, sugar plum. But the good news is that the middle class is still achievable. You just got to work for it or perhaps, marry up a few rungs on the social ladder. Of course, you might be content to be lower class. It is really your call.

Mid-Lower Class
You have high expectations but your wallet is just not cutting it. Keep working at it and you can still hit the middle class. Or maybe you like where you are at in life. In which case, maybe take up a new hobby like body surfing or gardening.

Lower-Upper Class
You overshot Middle Class by this much. So now, technically, you're an upper class but not like, upper class. Ya know? You can give away some of those goods to charities and drop yourself back down to the middle class if you want or you can just stay where you are and invest in some new shoes and maybe a vacation house or two.

Upper-Lower Class
Ooh, you are so close! You are almost there, just keep going and doing what you are doing and you will be middle class by Christmas! Of course, being middle class isn't all it is cracked up to be but you have probably done your research on that so why stop now?

Totally Middle Class
Nice one! You are one of the rare few who is actually middle class! Whether you meant to be middle class or wound up here accidentally remains to be seen but the fact is, you are officially middle class. Your bank statements may or may not agree with this assessment but that's math and math is yucky. Go buy some chocolates and feast!