What Is Your Nerd Type?

Wondering what your nerd type is? Then it's time to find out once and for all! There may be many types of nerds out there, but there's only one for you!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The Video Game Nerd
The nerd you love is busy leveling an alt, making a frozen TV dinner in the microwave, or otherwise hanging out with a group of friends online. Their time is spent with a controller in hand, or with a keyboard and mouse.

The Board Game Nerd
The nerd type you love is busy hanging out in a card shop, playing a board game with other people. This is the crowd that paints miniature models based on the board games they love to play. Such patience!

The Fandom Nerd
The nerd type you love is in love with either a genre, a series, or a character from films or video games. They live and breathe for this, and they often attend conventions to hang out with people who share this fandom in common. Maybe write some fan fiction? Draw some fan art?