Which Ancient Queen Are You?

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You are very beautiful but that is far from your best feature. You also have a sense of right and wrong that far surpasses your peers, and are able to make judgment calls that take even very small destails into account. You have a big temper which can cause you to switch from hot to cold at the drop of a hat.

Queen Elizabeth I
You are incredibly clever and well-read, and are able to converse comfortably on nearly any subject that comes up. You are an excellent speaker and have a good memory so your stories and facts are always backed up with real-life examples. You have a deeply sensitive side that only comes out around people you know very well.

You are a beautiful, graceful, and extremely kind. You leave an impression on everyone you meet with your good listening skills and tender presence. People fall in love with you easily because you have such a rare mix of power, beauty, skill, ambition, and curiousity about the world. Your attitude is infectious.

Marie Antoinette
You have a fun, flirtatious approach to interacting with others and you make sure not to take life too seriously. For you, having good experiences is the most valuable way to spend your time because you are all too aware that life is fleeting. Some people think you are obstinant but you are just contrary for the fun of it.

People fall in love with you whereever you go because they have never met someone who is so good at so many things and it is enchanting. You love to mix with all sorts of people, but can clean up and become a proper lady when you need to. You are as likely to be found having a drink with an old neighbor as you are an attractive mate - you really love everyone and they love you.

Catherine of Aragon
The last thing you would do is violate convention or break rules if you could help it, you pride yourself on being very by-the-book. You consider advice from every angle before implementing it and you take criticism to heart. You have the rare gift of keeping a level head no matter the circumstances and not letting emotion cloud your judgments.