Will You Be Rich Or Poor In 10 Years?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Extremely Rich
You are intelligent, driven, and determined to succeed. Your work ethic is matched by no one, and you have set big goals for yourself. Because of your wise spending habits now, you'll be extremely rich in ten years!

Comfortable Life
You are caring, loving, and kind-hearted. You always want to spend your time, talents, and even money on those you care about, and even though this may not always be the wisest thing and won't make you extremely rich, you'll be living a comfortable life (financial-wise) in ten years!

Cutting It Tight
You are care-free, outgoing, and free-spirited. Your youthful and fun personality is definitely a positive thing. However, this spontaneity may cost you down the line financially, and if you don't start spending a bit more smartly now, you'll be cutting it close with cash in ten years!